Mombasa Excursions and Day Trips

Half Day Mombasa City Tour

The tour presents some of the best highlights of this colorful old city. You tour will visit the bustling fruit and vegetable market, which has been in operation since colonial days. As you wonder the streets of The Old Arab town, you will see the intricate hand carved doors, and balconies hanging over the narrow streets, unchanged for hundreds of years.

Mombasa Tusks
Mombasa Tusks

Protecting the harbor stands Fort Jesus which was built by the Portuguese 400 years ago, to protect their interest in east Africa. See how it went from Fort to prison to tourist attraction. Walk under the famous elephant tusks on Moi Ave, which you probably have seen in those old African adventure movies. Finally we visit the Akamba wood carvers center. Here you can purchase a fine hand carved African memento, that you would have to pay so dearly for back home. A short excursion full of culture, history and not to be missed. For the photographer, sights and opportunities for great photos abound.

Full Day Mombasa Tour and Bombululu Cultural Centre

After an early breakfast from your hotel, you will be picked up at 7:00am.Visit the historical island of Mombasa, visit the famous historical Macknon Market, famously known as a spice market, the old habour of Mombasa .The old town of Mombasa the famous museum of fort Jesus .You will learn more of the past events, before and after 1498 years when the first Europeans arrived at the coast of Mombasa.

In fort Jesus museum you will learn more about the history several wars in struggle to control the economic town of Mombasa between the sultans and Portuguese.

Traditional dancers at the Bombululu Cultural Centre
Traditional dancers at the Bombululu Cultural Centre

In the tour you will as well visit the famous cultural centre of Akamba handcrafts (a community workshop for wooden artifacts.)
After the visit to Akamba Cultural centre, travel for lunch at the Bombolulu workshop for the physically disables of Kenya. Here the theme is disability is not inability. Join the disables at Ziga restaurant, traditional foods will be served here and you will have an experience in the African life with Africans .Local dancers will entertain you here.

After lunch have an opportunity to visit the installed African home steads, a symbols, of Africa’s ethnic diversities.
At the workshop, African shop gallery has many artifacts produced by skilled and knowledgeable disables of Kenya, come join them at leisure.
After all day visit tour return to your hotel in the evening.

Full Day Wasini Island Dolphin Dhow

You will be picked from your hotel at around 5.00 am (from North Coast (or 6.00 am from South Coast)and drive to Wasini Island along Mombasa – Lunga Lunga highway, a distance of 100 kms, arriving at around 8.30 am. Arrive at Shimoni Jet where you will board an Arabic dhow and sail for one hour searching for dolphins. Sail to Kisite marine national park where you will snorkel and swim.

Kisite Marine National Park is the second most famous marine park in the world after the Australian Marine Park. It covers an area of 30km2. Animals seen here include turtles, marine tortoise, turtles, whale sharks, bare reefs, cliffs, coral reefs and different types of marine fishes.

Wasini Dolphin Dhow
Wasini Dolphin Dhow

You will have your lunch inside the boat which is mainly sea food and Swahili dishes. After lunch, you will sail along the mangrove swamps and then visit the Wasini Island where you will learn more about the Swahili people and the Arabs history.

In the 10th century, Arabs were slave traders and they used to inter marry with the Bantus and as a result this brought forth the Shirazi and Vumba communities. After the end of the slave trade in the 17th century, many Africans settled here and so don’t miss the opportunity to learn about the Swahili people. Arrive at the jet at around 4.00 pm and drive back to the hotel.