Aberdare National Park

The Aberdares is a mountain range which thrusts directly North of Nairobi for more than 160 km. Part of the range is protected as the Aberdares National Park and encompasses all land over 3200m together with a projection due east, known as the Salient, which reaches down to 2130 m near Nyeri town.

The Aberdares national Park was named after the then President of the Royal Geographical Society by the intrepid Scot, Joseph Thomson, who explored the region in 1883. The Kikuyu name Nyandarua is slowly gaining prominence. The Aberdare National Park was created in 1950 to protect the forested slopes and moors of the Aberdare Mountains and the wildlife therein.

Giant Forest Hog - Aberdaret National Park
Giant Forest Hog - Aberdaret National Park

The highest point of the range is Ol Doinyo which reaches 3998m. There is a road which traverses the mountains from Naivasha to Nyeri which can be handled by a sturdy car in good weather. At its maximum elevation the road passes through misty moorlands at about 3350m where strange six metre tall mutants of alpine plants groundsel, erica, hypericum, lobelia and sennecio - grow in profusion. Icy rivers plunge in glorious cascades and spectacular waterfalls. The Salient which thrusts a dense forest through rich farmland is where both Treetops and the Ark are situated.

Waterfall - Aberdare National Park

Wildlife in the Aberdare National Park include lion, Leopards, Baboon, black and white Columbus and Sykes are abundant. Rare sighting of the golden Cats, Bongo a rare and elusive forest antelope, Elephant, Buffalo, Giant Forest Hog and Kenya's indigenous and endangered Black Rhino